Reflectors starting at only $4.99. What have you got to lose?

In the US, 7 out of 10 pedestrian accidents happens when it’s dark.
Funflector® is America’s premier brand of stylish reflectors for increased visibility up to 500 feet.

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High visibility without high-viz colors! Hang reflectors on jackets, backpacks bags, strollers and dog collars! Reflective slap bracelets for ankle or wrist.
funflector® reflectors are available in our webshop and wholesale to retailers, businesses, schools and other organizations.
Put your business in a better light with customized reflectors. A promotional reflector is a creative and fun giveaway
which signals that you care about the safety of others and promote a healthy life style.
Did you know that walking is an easy way to improve your health and that a 30 minute walk a day can make wonders?
However, as walking increases in popularity, so do unfortunately also pedestrian accidents. Few want to look like traffic cones, so by
offering stylish reflectors without highviz colors, even fashionistas can be seen when walking in the dark!

Better seen than sorry | North America's premier SAFETY REFLECTORS for walking, running and bicycling

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