funflector safety reflectors increase visibility in traffic at night with up to 500 feet
Reflect Your Self! Fun-to-wear pedestrian reflectors come in shapes, styles and collars for everyone in the family
safety reflectors with wings - angel, rocket ship, cardinal, owl, lady bug and bat
wholesale of funflector® pedestrian safety reflectorssafety reflectors with wings - angel, rocket ship, cardinal, owl, lady bug and bat
funflector® - America's premier brand of fun pedestrian reflectors
high quality promotional logo reflector by glimling

Welcome to a world where fun design and safety go hand in hand!
In the US, 7 out of 10 pedestrian accidents happens when it’s dark. But you can be BRIGHT when it’s DARK by wearing our
fun, light weight and bright reflectors on jackets, backpacks, bags, purses, strollers, wheel chairs and dog leashes!
funflector® is America’s premier brand of fun pedestrian reflectors. They can increase your visibility up to 500 ft to give drivers extra time to see you, slow down and stop. We are inspired by the Scandinavian countries where personal reflectors have saved lives for decades and where tough requirements have been pinned down in the standard EN13356. To maximize the safety benefits, we exclusively use 3M Scotchlite for our manufacturing in the USA.
funflector® reflectors are available in our webshop, to retailers and for fundraisers. Customize reflectors with logos, patterns or photo prints to promote your business, brand or organization. A promotional reflector is a creative and fun giveaway which signals that you care about the safety of others and promote a healthy life style.
Did you know that walking is an easy way to improve your health and that a 30 minute walk a day can make wonders? However, as walking increases in popularity, so do unfortunately pedestrian accidents too. We want to make it fun and easy to increase visibility of kids, teens and adults in the dark, so you can keep walking to stay fit!

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