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funflector® safety pedestrian reflectors by glimling
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We save lives! In the US, 7 out of 10 pedestrian accidents occur when it’s dark. To bring that number down, we design, manufacture and sell funflector®,  America’s premier brand of reflectors for walking, running and biking.
We help brands and organizations associate their names with health and safety and make you look bright because it’s better to be seen than sorry!

Funflector® reflectors are available online in our web shop and in brick-and-mortar stores around the US. Prices start as low $4.99 and shipping is free for orders over $10. What have you got to lose? As a brick-and-mortar or online retailer, you have access to our wholesale and display programs.

We provide businesses, organizations and schools with customized logo and spirit wear reflectors and help organizations increase brand awareness through  grassroots marketing campaigns.

Most manufacturing is done by us  in Illinois and we go out of our way to find parts made in the USA.  However, from time to time, we take help from experienced manufacturers in Sweden and Finland. We ship world wide.

As you can see in our blog and on other social media, we are obsessed with pedestrian safety, healthy & green lifestyles, good design, thick books and good laughs.

Our StoImpressions from Europe by glimlingry

glimling.com LLC has sprouted from the dream of making the world a better place as well as the desire to build a healthy business. It’s important to us that the products we offer are well designed, looks attractive and have a purpose beyond the decorative. Inspired by a European lifestyle of walking and biking and Scandinavian design ideals, we launched the funflector® line of stylish safety reflectors for jackets, purses, bags and more.   

As a creative business woman and a mother of three school-age kids, I’m having a lot of fun being the owner and president of glimling.com. Having grown up in Sweden and lived and worked in several European countries before moving to the US, my memories are not only filled with wonderful people, places and foods, but also clever products that made everyday living a little bit greener. All that, combined with the Scandinavian love for nature and the outdoors, seeded the idea of funflector®. For the same reason, I’m also an independent Norwex consultant, but that story you can find here.

I am fortunate to live and work within walking distance of downtown Libertyville and love to take my bicycle to the local café for a meeting or to walk with my family to the downtown stores or library. It is a safe neighborhood, but the streets are very dark at night and the reflective funflector® tags on our jackets and bags are a necessity. It is so nice to have the freedom to walk also when it’s dark.

Elisabeth Hubbard, Founder & owner of glimling.com LLC

Welcome to the colorful world of funflector® reflectors where fun design and safety go hand in hand! If you are new to the concept of hanging stylish reflectors from your clothes and bags, please visit our FAQ page. There is more advice on how to use them  in our blog. I hope to bring things that are both fun and practical into your life. Enjoy browsing  our continously growing collection of funflector® reflectors!

Elisabeth Hubbard

Better seen than sorry | North America's premier SAFETY REFLECTORS for walking, running and bicycling