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More curious about our products and who we are? Read what our customers say about us and our safety reflectors in their funflector testimonials:

Funflector Testimonials 2017

amazon funflector review of black owl safety reflector
Customer review on Amazon: “This owl is a blessing!”

Five star customer review on Amazon, March 2017: “This owl is a good answer to a constant problem: how to be sure you are visible to cars and bicycles at night. I wear my owl on my backpack, and am confident that I will be seen, however dark it gets.” See Mitchell’s review of the owl safety reflector on Amazon here. The owl is also available in our webshop.

Funflector Testimonials 2016

“The reflectors were a big hit. … Tomorrow at “Science Friday” the kids will be looking at reflectivity and retroreflectivity. Thanks for some of your science ideas. Thanks for the fast turn around of my order.”
Monica Sweet, Seattle Safe Routes to School, 2016
Read Monica’s story on the glimling blog!

Funflector Testimonials 2015

funflector testimonials on twitter by Arlington Transportation Partners, May 2015

Arlington Transportation Partners, 2015

“We were very pleased with the funflectors we ordered with our logo and website info. This is a “fun” marketing tool along with giving our readers something to keep them safe”.
Laureen Crotteau, Marketing director for Bugle Newspapers, 2015

“Great product every biker, walker and child should have one or more.”
Dr. Norman Roth, Roth Sales Enhancers, 2015

Funflector Testimonials 2014


“I purchased Funflector slap bands with my company logo and tag line as a promotional item for my customers. They have been my best promotional item as my customers and customer’s children have raved about them. In addition to being fun to put on and off, they are providing a mechanism to keep my customers safe at night. They are also being used on bikes and dogs. I highly recommend this product for fun and safety.”
Don Rigali, Rigali Packaging Products, 2014

“The reflectors are a hit! Thanks again for the great customer service.”
Loralyn Spiro, City of Springfield, Oregon, 2014

“I love how they turned out! The neutron made me laugh out loud, he is so, so, so cute! I love them all together.”
Julie Peasley, The Particle Zoo , 2014

With Kevin Kane, Hansa Coffee Roasters, 2014

“I received my shipment and am really happy with the quality of the products. I would like to place another order from you. I love reading your blog – it does make me homesick though! I am from Estonia, but have lived here for the past 12 years. Thank you for your quick responses and the fast turn around on the orders.”
Kairi Sisask, One Stop Reflectorshop, 2014

“We have been carrying the funflector® slap bracelets  in the Museum store for a while and they are very popular.  I have two in my bag all the time and put them on my arms when I walk home when it’s dark.”
Karin Moen Abercrombie, Swedish American Museum, 2014

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“We received them today!!! Thank you!
They’re wonderful, everyone in the office loves them :)”
Suzie Her, goDCgo and Capital Bikeshare, 2014

Funflector Testimonials 2013 and Earlier

“That IS a great idea for a stocking stuffer! hope readers buy some!”
Lenore Skenazy, Author of the book and blog Free-Range Kids, 2013

“They look great, we’re very excited! And just in time for an event this week and a big one next week. I can’t decide where to put mine…”
Elizabeth A. Denton, Arlington Transportation Partners, 2013

funflector® was rewarded with a "Must Have" seal by Modern Mom - still one of our prettiest funflector testimonialsModern Mom, 2011 

“Wow – I didn’t know that about pedestrian accidents – thanks so much for sharing that! We LOVE what you’re doing!  Your reflectors are definitely a must-have for kids.”
Amy Beth Sestet, The Family Groove, 2011

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